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Relationships Work - A community of support from relationship therapists and coaches, Bob and Lori Hollander.

Your relationship deserves the highest level of support available. Relationships Work exists solely to give that to you. We call it Support 360 because we literally surround you with the tools you need for relationship success.

Lori and Bob work in full partnership with you - meaning all the time, in multiple ways, and with 100% investment in helping you create the relationship you want.


What Others Are Saying:
I just wanted to write you a brief note to say thank you for your website – Relationships Work, your Blogs, and Lori’s facebook posting of quotes, etc. I follow your writings and much of what you say rings true for me. I have met you a couple of times in various PRIDE or PFLAG functions, if you saw me, my wife or my children you might say, oh yes, she looks familiar. But regardless, it doesn’t matter if you know me or not, my reason for writing remains the same. You do good work, you do GREAT work. I’m not a real facebook person, in fact I would say I was bullied into joining, having just become a member within the past 6 months, so I don’t post or write much on it or even “like” as its all still very new and weird to me. But I do look for Lori’s post. I think you two make a difference and I just felt it was important for me to share this with you. I stink, no that is not near strong enough, suck at communication, so I like all the hints and advice you shed in this light. I also like that you try so very hard to make things gender neutral. As you have said, we all experience the same things, girl/girl, boy/boy, girl/boy, the reality is we all want the same, to love and be loved. I can tell you now, that if I didn’t already have a therapist, I would certainly want you to be mine. I am hoping to do your 4-week tele workshop this year! Again, really just wanted to say, thanks for all you do for the community and everyone. I for one truly appreciate your efforts.
Facebook Fan
This is a phenomenal newsletter! Mike and I always enjoy receiving and reading your newsletters, but this one and the last few equating marriage and relationships to our beloved Ravens made it great food for thought, not to mention so very clever. So, thank you!
Kathy P.
Newsletter Subscriber
Today's show gave me some tools I will use. I truly admire you two not just for your profession, but how you practice what you preach. Thank you for leading by example.
Kathleen M. Schmidt: Founder, Project Empowerment
Media Fan
I have found very insightful information at your site. Both yourself and Bob have provided me with guidelines on how one should have a better relationship and the various dynamics that relationships consist of. Prior to the relationship I had recently I was out of the market for a very long time and I guess I was out of practice. With experience, trial an error hopefully I learned more about having a healthier relationship with a man.
Hilda Mauleon
TeleClass Participant
I don't know how you and Bob are so good at what you do. One thing that stands out, you apparently are a genuine, authentic and real couple with real life issues that you work through together. That is so much more meaningful to me than other professionals who may not be practicing what they preach. Thanks for your leadership.
Geoffrey Greaves
TeleClass Participant
I like the heart centeredness and consciousness of your work. Reading your articles has given me hope again and I feel refreshed in my heart. You have articulated what I have felt lately about the need for support and authenticity in a partnership.
Facebook Fan

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